Time-management as pedagogical technology of formation a culture of intellectual work of students


  • Галина Ігорівна Іванова Kryvyi Rih State Pedagogical University




intellectual work students, educational technology, health saving technology, time – management


The article notes the relevance and feasibility of creating a culture of intellectual work of students. The essence of concept «culture of intellectual work» has been disclosed, teaching technology of creating a culture of intellectual work of students in higher education in terms of university has been outlined. As a result of the study of the problem, the author has defined the culture of intellectual labor as a multidimensional personality formation that includes the ability to efficiently perform any intellectual work, to plan and to organize time for its implementation, quickly to assimilate new knowledge and to apply it inpractice. The position that the culture of intellectual work is a quality characteristic of human intelligence and is not a fixed quantity has been considered. Culture intellectual work appears in the training of a student, in a way of his/her studying, how he/she does an independent work, how he/she orientates at a multi mode space of information, how he/she responds to the world around us, how he/she behaves himself/herself in unusual situations. Based on the analysis and synthesis of scientific information, the essence of the concept of «health saving technology» is précise. The need to prepare students who have health saving technologies, who are armed with effective methods of obtaining the necessary information, who are able to adapt to the changing conditions of the present, to think critically, to apply knowledge in professional activity has been justifed. The attention is drawn to health saving technology of time-management.It has been found that the aim of time-management as a technology of creation of culture intellectual work is studying of students by method of self-organization of learning activities and help with the formation of relevant skills, selforganization, and as a result – increasing of efficiency and optimization of learning activities. The main tasks of time-management technology, the main principles of its functioning have been defined. The efficiency of using timemanagement as a pedagogical technology of formation of culture intellectual work of students depends on the consideration of their individual features. It has been explained that using this approach in the organization and planning own time will help to rise the performance of intellectual work. It has been concluded that time-management as a pedagogical technology in the students’ life – is a consistent, purposeful activity, that is based upon using technics of learning activities with the aim of effective using own free time in everyday life.


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Author Biography

Галина Ігорівна Іванова, Kryvyi Rih State Pedagogical University

Postgraduate Student


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