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Educational Dimension (= Osvìtnìj vimìr, Освітній вимір) is a Diamond Open Access peer-reviewed journal focused on the research on education, learning and training, and applications of theories and philosophies used in the sciences of learning and adjacent sciences. The Educational Dimension occupies contributions in all aspects of learning theories, learning technologies and tools, paradigms and models. The main problematic field of the journal is the current and future issues of modern pedagogical science: psychological and pedagogical, philosophical, socio-cultural aspects of education, learning and training, modern theories, technologies and teaching aids, the emergence of which is determined by globalization, integration processes, social transformations, humanitarian and scientific and technological development. There is urgent general need for principled changes in postclassic education elicited by current theories, models, tools, services, networks and communications.

Educational Dimension welcomes research papers, systematic reviews and meta-analyses that include clear research questions, a framework of analysis, and conclusions that reflect the aims of the paper.

Since February 2023, the new Educational Dimension website is This website contains the journal archive for "Pedagogy of Higher and Secondary Education" (= Pedagogìka viŝoï ta serednʹoï školi, ISSN 2304-4470).

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Published: 19-12-2019
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