Logic in educational literature of the XVII and XIX centuries





logic, traditional logic, history of logic, logic textbooks, Antoine Arnauld, Christoph Sigwart


The «Port Royal Logic» is one of the most famous works not only in the field of logic but also in philosophy. Written under the influence of Jansenism and Cartesianism in the 17th century, it became one of the first works that departed from the classical exposition of logic. It's difficult to say the same about another work that came from the pen of the German philosopher and logician Sigwart — «Logic». What could these works have in common? In this article, I briefly analyze these two works based on certain criteria and address the question posed above. Thus, we will pay attention not only to the structures of the works and their main ideas but also to the authors' personalities and the peculiarities of the environments in which these works could have emerged.


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