Peer Review Policy

This journal conducts peer review based on the principle of the single-blind review. To ensure high-quality, impactful publications that are both academically rigorous and relevant, articles are typically reviewed by two independent academic experts, in accordance with the journal's goals and mission. Additional reviews by experts from the scientific community may also be requested. The following are the standards by which manuscripts are evaluated: (1) relevance to the journal's goals and scope; (2) compliance with generally accepted academic standards of originality, significance, and rigor; and (3) journal policy relevance.

Review process:
Manuscripts are initially screened by the Editor-in-Chief, who assesses submissions and decides whether they are suitable for progression to the next stage of the review process on the basis of fit to the scope of journal, publishing standards of the journal and interest for the scientific community.
Papers will then be reviewed typically by two peer reviewers who are experts in the field(s). Supplementary reviews or policy guidance may be sought from relevant experts of the scientific community.
The Editor-in-Chief will suggest a decision regarding the manuscript to the Editors based on the reports of the reviewers.
The final decision rests with the Editors.

At each stage of the review process, authors will be provided with reasoned and constructive feedback on decisions regarding their manuscripts.

Manuscripts received for review should be treated as confidential documents. The confidentiality of participants in the review process is protecte