Analytic social and political philosophy




analytic philosophy, social philosophy, social ontology, social methodology, political philosophy


This paper is of a review character and is devoted to contemporary directions in the philosophical problems of society within the framework of analytical social and political philosophy. I consider the basic disciplines of the philosophy of society, which include social ontology, social methodology and political philosophy. It is observed that these disciplines focus on the ontological, epistemological and ethical problems of society respectively. Social ontology investigates social entities, their nature, as well as the various properties of social entities and the relationships between them. The central issue here is the nature of society as a particular kind of reality and the structure of that reality. The main task of social methodology is to study the nature, forms and methods of gaining knowledge about social reality, to consider how the process of knowing this reality can and should be accomplished. Political philosophy is defined as a philosophical examination of the political sphere of society, which consists of political institutions and political relations, during which politics as such is developing.


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